power issues

power issues
power issues

Moon Phase


Thursday, February 11

to be female is to be outlaw

"... for it is a well known fact that there is no beast more abominable than an accomplished young woman..." virginia woolf

she had a pocket full of wry,
smiled at the crocadillo and
armoured with her bulletproof tutu
she sashayed down the avenue.
she didn't mind the bullseye stare
of the boys with their greasy hair
hangin' out
looking for trouble
she knew
man she knew
she was more trouble than they'd ever dare...

she was where the wild things were
she taught them how to roar,
she was the wolf suit
hell she made the jabberwock hoot
and run for its life
she didn't need no fiddly little flick knife
no snicker snack
no paddy whack whack
all she needed was her teeth to bare
'cos she was more trouble than they'd ever dare.

she waltzed across the sky
under the crazy moon
she danced far too high
for society's tepid boon
of secure little corners
of gracious little manners
and interminable silent dinners -

for she had something to say
something that they may
have wanted to hear.

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