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power issues
power issues

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Friday, June 11

Dirt Road Heritage Society

how from practically across the country
a vague teasing thought
struggles through everyday activities and
well oiled routine,
flirts in between children wanting attention;
collides with decisions.
By it's constancy,
adjustments to ever more appropriate subjects;
attitudes not quite so assuming
and matters less intrusive,
are forced,
self controls.

Quiet moments present themselves -
but there it is like a smug Buddha
niched in the stillness,
startling meditation
into moods more tremulous.

Somewhere along the way,
perhaps one of those hot dirt road days
or a pious-lonely studious moment
you became an ideal
and it chimed,
sustained its note for so long
that this inner siren tune
has sung me saturated
like burning pigment;
pure vein exposed under Time's erosion
slashed through Fate's dullish ore
of days that have ground by,
of years gritted through
thinking to have abandoned you
back behind on the road
along with certain other dreams in youth.

o' when we were young
you were a prince and
shy beauty shone

These roads and their dust have entered since,
they have cracked delicate flesh and
coated all fresh lusts with travel grime.
Years have grizzled delights just short of cynical,
despite this
faithful aged delusions
have me still
penning drivel
and i can do nothing about it
but resign myself to the inspirational merit,
resist the urge to wonder why
it is that you have endured
along with my wunderlust;
hang out the washing to dry and
renew my subscription
to the Dirt Road Heritage Society.

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